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INTRODUCTION OF Goods and Services Tax in India is changing the way of doing the Businesses. Traditionally we have been trained and instructed to have a differential approach to Direct and Indirect taxes. As a result, Maintenance of Books of Accounts, Keeping the record of transactions and Reporting are different for different administering bodies (To the Direct tax department, To the Indirect tax department and To the Lenders of Finance).

Now by the introduction of GST, All External Departments are synchronized with the PAN and Aadhar based tracking mechanism. With the introduction of GSTIN (based on Income tax PAN), Almost our Direct and Indirect tax department of the Government will be speaking the same language. Hereafter The Government Departments will question us on the common reports from our monthly/quarterly/annual e-returns filed at GST Network. Therefore, it is our utmost responsibility to match our GST returns with the Income tax returns.

This requires the business owners to think of much more knowledgeable and Proactive approach to the various Systems connected to General Accounting and Tax Compliance. They have to balance on new challenges in working capital and profitability. We recommend to each and every registered entity under GST to have robust support for GST Compliance and Training on upcoming updates/changes.

Be prepared for the changes happening. Retain the competitive advantage of your identity in the NEW GST Regime also. We have INDUSTRY BEST GST TRAINING, GST Consulting services and other supporting Services. STAY IN TOUCH WITH OUR PROFESSIONALS FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF GOODS AND SERVICES TAX AND ITS IMPACT ON EVERY BUSINESS.

Highlights of our Training are:

  • New Method of Teaching for quick learning
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  • Real-Time Training with Practical approach
  • Best in Class Trainers (Qualified)

Highlights of our GST Support Services are:

  • Concentrating on unattended areas like RCM
  • Error-Free Compliance
  • Work time Telephone/Whatsapp Support
  • Best in Industry Fee Model based on current volume only

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